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BLAM! Websites

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The Big Problem

Right now up to 90% of businesses are operating without a mobile-responsive website and with little or no customer management or marketing tools in place. They are bombarded with advice about which product is best for them and genuinely find it difficult to know which way to turn! Not only this, but Google is now looking at more than a website's content for its search results. The user experience a site is providing to visitors is now also a ranking factor, and mobile plays a huge part in this.

The BLAM! Websites Solution

We can build dynamic, mobile-responsive websites using the very latest technology, with features which drive business and encourage site visitors to take action straight away. This technology is usually only available to large wealthy businesses, however at BLAM we can do this at unbelievably affordable prices, perfect for small businesses. Not only that, our partners receive over 50% of the sale value, upfront, with a residual income thereafter!

All of our websites are built by our in-house team of professional designers. We’ve been building websites for over 20 years and know a thing or two about design! Using the very latest mobile-responsive website technology, we can build beautifully architectured sites that clients will be amazed with, at a price that will blow them away.

Our Secret Sauce

Dynamic Web Personalisation - DWP! Every site we build immediately has DWP running from the moment it goes live. This means that from the very beginning, all of our website customers are ahead of the competition, gaining and maintaining customers through their website without needing an in-depth understanding of digital marketing. This gives us a distinct advantage when selling websites and helps us sell more of them, more often


Licence to sell BLAM! Apps and BLAM! Websites
Brand Logo Creation
Very own Partner Business App
Demonstration App
Very own Dynamic Website
Resource Centre
1 day Full Training in Redditch with Grant Stain and Gareth Manger
Backend training with Account Manager
Access to BLAM! Bundles
Access to Monthly Webinars
Partner Mentor
Ongoing Account Manager Support

£2997+vat (Payable over 6 months)

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