Why Choose BLAM?

No other franchise programme today offers the same opportunity to be a valued member of the business community, serving a real need in a growing market. This fulfilling role is made all the better by the massive earning potential that is constantly growing as we add more products to our toolkit. Our existing partners will tell you that the founders move mountains to help our clients get the most from our products. 
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Online Revolution

The online revolution is moving at such a pace today that many small businesses are being left behind. They're not sure how they can compete with the national brands, who have huge teams and budgets. 

Small businesses are asking:
• How can I market to my customers effectively online?
• Which software solution should I invest in to help me?
• Who can I talk to that isn’t going to rip me off?
• If I buy online, will I get the support I need from someone locally?
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Partner Programme

There are three different levels of Partnership, but the starter package gives you all of the following:

• Licence to sell our products,
• Website
• Logo
• Head Office Support
• Access to Support Centre
• Email Templates
• Business Forecast Spreadsheets
• Training Videos
• Case Studies
• Webinars
• Access to Rewards Scheme
• Online Support. 
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Earning Potential

The Partner Programme is a fantastic new franchise business opportunity based on a proven model and a great way to make money online. How much you earn is completely down to you and how you apply yourself to the business. The earning potential is uncapped, and we take less than half of every website sale you make, even though we design them for you! A five figure monthly income is a possibility for those that apply themselves with dedication.
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